Sweetwater S. Sahme

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Niix pachwai (Hello). I am currently enrolled at Portland State University pursuing a masters in Marriage, Couple, Family counseling. I am happy to be here interning with the Therapeutic Change team. I identify as a mother, daughter, partner and friend. I come from strong Indigenous people. I identify as a woman, who is currently able bodied. Some of my favorite activities include crafting, being outdoors amongst the trees and water, and spending time with family.

Throughout our lives we may experience traumatic events, some harder to overcome than others. These circumstances can have an effect on our outlook and wellbeing. I started this profession with a passion for wanting to help people after healing myself through person centered therapy. I truly believe that everyone has the capacity to heal. I offer my clients a safe and supportive space to start the therapeutic process. Together, we can explore and understand the foundation for growth and evolution in a way that is true for you.

I am passionate about this field of work, and enjoy working with clients to reflect on emotions, behaviors, and setting goals for the future. With courage, self-compassion and a counselor who will partner with you in the work, it is possible to find new and freeing ways of relating to yourself and the world around you. I provide therapy to all folks that are looking to look within and grow. Within my practice, I am drawn to acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness, attachment theory, and trauma informed therapy. Yes, it will be challenging and uncomfortable at times. And I welcome you to start this journey with me.

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