Gitanjali Sterling

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  • Gitanjali is currently available for couples and families only.

I am a Graduate Student Intern who is pursuing a degree in Marriage, Couples, and Family therapy at Lewis and Clark College. I identify as a queer, biracial, South Asian person of color. I use Narrative, Systems, and Intergenerational approaches to therapy. My goal is to provide therapy that is collaborative and person centered, in which we can work together to discover ways that you can exist authentically within your relationships and life. I believe that we do not exist outside of our relationships with others, our communities, and the greater systems that surround us, and stories about who we are emerge from these relationships. Challenges happen when these stories that are told about us don’t align with who we really are. This means that I strive to create a space that is sex and body positive, where all abilities, relationship styles, and backgrounds are honored and examined, with the intent of working together to find and bring out the story of you. I provide therapy for individuals, partnerships, and families and am particularly interested in working with BIPOC and gender diverse folks.



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