Summer Brown LMFT

Clinical Director


  • Summer is not accepting clients at this time.

I’m a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist currently living in Nashville, TN. I am Prespeciality Student at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing in Nashville, TN. Summer is pursuing a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Degree. I identify as a Fat, Queer, Black Woman. I provide therapy and supervision with an Intersectional-Feminist perspective. Additionally I am Sex and Body Positive and support healthy relationships in all their forms.

All relationship styles are welcome.

I provide individual, family, and couples/partnership therapy to kids, teens and adults who identify as LGBTQIA+, Gender Diverse, all body sizes, types and abilities, especially folx in a bigger body or folx who identify as a Black or Indigenous Person of Color (BIPOC).

I’m trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral, Solution Focused Therapy and EMDR. I tend to utilize tools from a variety of modalities to support you in making improvements in your life.

Pam Monahan

Client Services Specialist


I’m honored to offer administrative and case management support with Therapeutic Change PLLC. As an LGBTQIA+ person, I’m grateful to bring who I am to a welcoming practice where people’s stories, experiences, cultures, backgrounds, abilities, body types, and relationships are honored. We know that oppression exists, and barriers are often placed in people’s way that make life harder than it has to be. It can be overwhelming sometimes to access food, housing, transportation, and other practical needs. I’m happy to join forces with people to get what they need. On a personal note, I live with my wife and two rescue dogs in Vancouver, and if you have pets, I will definitely want to see their pictures.

Kaylee Torres

LMFT Associate


*Current Availability is for Relational Therapy Only!*

Hi! My name is Kaylee and I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate in Oregon (R7048) and Washington (MG61202357). I received my Master’s in Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy at Lewis and Clark College in 2021. I completed training in EMDR therapy in 2022 and am in the process of becoming trained in the Gottman Method. I am a queer, monogamish, Asian and Pacific Islander, neurodiverse, femme person who is temporarily able-bodied and currently exists in a mid-size body. I name these aspects of my identity because my lived experience influences who I am as a therapist and I also know how important it can be as someone with marginalized identities to find a provider who is part of your community.

I provide individual, family, and relational therapy to teens and adults who identify as LGBTQIA+, Gender Diverse, all ethnicities, all body sizes, types and abilities. I work with all relationship styles, including monogamy, non-monogamy, polyamory, and relationship anarchy. I am sex-positive, BDSM/kink-aware, and trauma-informed. I draw from Systems Theory, Intersectional and Feminist perspectives, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Attachment Theory, Internal Family Systems and an Intergenerational framework. I incorporate techniques from a range of modalities in order to provide you the best care possible.

I approach therapy from a relational and ecosystemic lens, meaning I acknowledge that we exist in relation to other people and beings, as well as the land we occupy, and our daily life is impacted by larger systems such as capitalism and white supremacy. Human beings are built for connection and that connection to others and to ourselves is often disrupted by systems of oppression. I work with clients to gain insight on their unique struggles and then make change based on their goals.

Clients can expect to talk with me about experiences with families of origin and important persons which have contributed to where they are now, and they can expect me to ask them to sit with discomfort and with intense emotions. Therapy can be uncomfortable and it can bring up a lot in us because it requires such vulnerability, but that is exactly where change happens.

Looking forward to talking with you!

Katheryne Lewis

MHC Associate


I am a Graduate Student intern pursuing a master’s in Professional Mental Health Counseling at Lewis and Clark College. My counseling practice is oriented to Narrative Theory, Ecopsychology, and Existentialism. Celebrating each individual’s uniqueness, I aim to help clients understand their stories within a larger sociocultural context while encouraging them to make room for meaningful narratives. Narrative theory emphasizes that our stories are not only our own, but are comprised of the narratives that society may have of us. It is important to embolden the voice of the client as they work to rewrite the storylines of their identity. Acknowledging the anxieties and hardships of life as pieces of a grander puzzle, I work to help clients create meaning while also acknowledging and holding the larger systems of oppression accountable for the barriers they continuously uphold.

With a background in environmental conservation, I hold true that in order for our ecosystems to thrive, it embraces all that is queer, diverse, strange, unique, beautiful, and mystifying. The fact is, there is nothing queerer than nature. Imagine the thriving community we could cultivate if we choose to use nature as a mirror and model for success. As a queer Black woman and a clinician, my goal is to help my clients understand their unique existence in this greater ecosystem, ready to be embraced for all that they are.

While I provide counseling to individuals of all ages and social locations, my primary experience is working with teenagers. Honoring my role as an advocate for youth, I hope to normalize the presence of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as key components to create a meaningful and successful life. However, no matter who you are, I hope to empower you in deepening your awareness of self and safely hold space for you to explore the unknown. I offer you compassionate validation, guidance, curiosity and challenge. While this process won’t be easy, I hope you will allow me to sing praises of your unique story until your voice finds the strength to do the same.

Jessica Fox

MCFT Associate


I identify as a multiracial, Latinx, Queer person. I am a Graduate Student Intern pursuing a Marriage, Couple, Family Therapy degree from Lewis and Clark College. I provide therapy from a social constructionist and intersectional framework, believing that we are in connection with each other and the spaces we occupy.

I approach therapy as a way to meet people where they are at in their lives and working together collaboratively, so people can live as their most authentic selves. Life can bring us uncertainty and challenges; as a therapist, I believe people deserve to express themselves and be heard in an open and non-judgmental space. I would like to graciously challenge you to step forward into growth while also creating boundaries to fall back into safety. In our space together, we can explore what path will lead us to authenticity. Theories I will predominantly be incorporating within our sessions are Narrative, Contextual, Experiential modalities.

I provide therapy for individuals, families, relationships/couples to kids, teens, adults, LBGTQIA2S+, Gender Diverse, Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), all body size, and all abilities. I work with all relationships, which can include monogamous, non-monogamy, polyamory, and relational-anarchy. I am sex-positive and knowledgeable of kink/BDSM relationships.

I look forward to meeting you and us working together.

Gitanjali Sterling

MCFT Associate


I am a Graduate Student Intern who is pursuing a degree in Marriage, Couples, and Family therapy at Lewis and Clark College. I identify as a queer, biracial, South Asian person of color. I use Narrative, Systems, and Intergenerational approaches to therapy. My goal is to provide therapy that is collaborative and person centered, in which we can work together to discover ways that you can exist authentically within your relationships and life. I believe that we do not exist outside of our relationships with others, our communities, and the greater systems that surround us, and stories about who we are emerge from these relationships. Challenges happen when these stories that are told about us don’t align with who we really are. This means that I strive to create a space that is sex and body positive, where all abilities, relationship styles, and backgrounds are honored and examined, with the intent of working together to find and bring out the story of you. I provide therapy for individuals, partnerships, and families and am particularly interested in working with BIPOC and gender diverse folks.

Sweetwater S. Sahme

MCFT Associate


Niix pachwai (Hello). I am currently enrolled at Portland State University pursuing a masters in Marriage, Couple, Family counseling. I am happy to be here interning with the Therapeutic Change team. I identify as a mother, daughter, partner and friend. I come from strong Indigenous people. I identify as a woman, who is currently able bodied. Some of my favorite activities include crafting, being outdoors amongst the trees and water, and spending time with family.

Throughout our lives we may experience traumatic events, some harder to overcome than others. These circumstances can have an effect on our outlook and wellbeing. I started this profession with a passion for wanting to help people after healing myself through person centered therapy. I truly believe that everyone has the capacity to heal. I offer my clients a safe and supportive space to start the therapeutic process. Together, we can explore and understand the foundation for growth and evolution in a way that is true for you.

I am passionate about this field of work, and enjoy working with clients to reflect on emotions, behaviors, and setting goals for the future. With courage, self-compassion and a counselor who will partner with you in the work, it is possible to find new and freeing ways of relating to yourself and the world around you. I provide therapy to all folks that are looking to look within and grow. Within my practice, I am drawn to acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness, attachment theory, and trauma informed therapy. Yes, it will be challenging and uncomfortable at times. And I welcome you to start this journey with me.

Katherine Catanach

MCFT Intern


Graduate Student Intern

Graduating class of 2021!